Petaluma police arrested two men who failed to register as sexual offenders.

Under state law, sexual offenders are required to report to the local police department once a year, within five days of their birthday. If they are arrested and incarcerated, they are required to notify local police within five days of being released from custody.

Petaluma resident Daniel Solis, 58 was released from jail in January, but by Feb. 10 had not contact the Petaluma police, so they issued a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested on Feb. 18 at Petaluma Valley Hospital.

The next day, Feb. 19, detectives headed to the Petaluma residence of Phillip Coons, 47, who had recently been incarcerated, but was released on Feb. 8. Like Solis, Coons had made no contact with the Petaluma Police after he left jail. Detectives located Coons at his residence and arrested him for failing to register as a sexual offender. He was transported to Sonoma County jail.