A man who berthed his vintage motor boat at the Petaluma Turning Basin before officials asked him to leave last August is now wanted by police on suspicion of numerous crimes.

Police have linked Gunther Emil Woolleey, 53, to a string of burglaries and one arson committed in November and December of 2013, said Lt. Tim Lyons. They've connected him to the crimes with video surveillance and fingerprints, Lyons said.

Police believe he mostly took petty cash during the burglaries, Lyons said.

In the December arson attempt, Woolleey is believed to have tried to break into a Petaluma business by burning the area around the lock on the metal door, possibly using a blowtorch, Lyons said.

Police have now obtained multiple felony, no-bail warrants for Woolleey's arrest but have been unable to locate him, Lyons said.