Letters to the editor from the week of March 20

Appreciates PVH emergency room staff

EDITOR: I want to thank the Petaluma Valley Hospital emergency room staff for going above and beyond for my mother recently. I was not able to make it to the emergency room after the dreaded call we all don't want to hear. The staff was so understanding and compassionate, and put me on a speaker phone so I could talk with my mother in her last moments.

The nurses held her hand lovingly, as if she was one of their own. The chaplain even stayed with her until my brother could arrive.

All the folks I have talked to since said they have never heard of such heroics from a hospital staff. These doctors, nurses and chaplain deserve a round of applause.

I want to formally thank this great team of professionals.


Celebrating the spirit of Petaluma

EDITOR: If I ask you to name an event in Petaluma that best celebrates our great community, you may come up with the Butter and Egg Days parade, the first pitch of the season at one of our three little league fields, the East Side Band Concert, the Petaluma People's Choice Awards or a few dozen more events that happen every spring.

Although I love each and every one of these annual events and I'm sure most of you have participated in at least one, I feel that the Petaluma Community Awards of Excellence event, to be held March 27, really is the best way this community celebrates itself.

Most of those honored give many hours of their time, are committed to their professions, and are deeply caring about where they live. But more than anything, they are good Petalumans.

A Petaluman is always looking for a way to help, and doesn't need to be asked. A Petaluman will share, even if what they are sharing may be the last of what they have themselves. A Petaluman speaks up and rallies others to support causes that are important. A Petaluman will come up with creative ways to help build "community" and solve issues that need to be addressed. A Petaluman can agree to disagree and move on to the next community event and celebrate together. A Petaluman will help a neighbor, a friend or even someone from the other side of town.

As we at Petaluma People Services Center celebrate our 40th year of service to this community, I am reminded of a few Petalumans who decided that local residents could provide services like Meals On Wheels, counseling, homelessness prevention, or employment. I realize how honored I am to serve as executive director of PPSC, a true Petaluman agency.

I hope to see you all next Thursday evening, and I guarantee that when you leave the event you will be proud of the neighbors we are celebrating, and about this great town we call Petaluma.

Elece Hempel, Petaluma

Unplugging is good for everyone

EDITOR: A huge kudos to John Crowley ("Time to Unplug and Play") March 6, for yet again standing up for community. I so appreciate a leader in our community voicing the need to disconnect from all these gadgets and RE-connect to what is truly important: other people!

It boggles the mind how many people are slaves to their devices, interrupting a conversation because a text or email arrived, and then, answering it in front of you! I often wonder, would they be this rude if the text/email were an actual person butting into your conversation?

Go ahead, keep your nose in your device, be a slave to that small rectangle. By doing so, you tell others the cold rectangle is more important than relating to one another. And over time, when you actually need a friend, or want to talk with your child (grown or young) we'll see what happens.

I hope many people take him up on his suggestion, not just this weekend, but all the time moving forward. It would make a world of difference.


Veteran supports Ukraine

EDITOR: The action in Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin is a travesty. He is a KGB thug with a recent history of anti-American rhetoric.

The world has seen this type of gangster before. Think Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Putin is a supporter of neo-communist ideologies fueled by his resentment over the Soviet Union collapsing. He used the recent Olympics, like Hitler did in 1936 to showcase Nazi Germany, to showcase the current Russia.

The world has seen this before and the world must not be complacent. Our leaders must not be weak and must at all costs stand against this Bolshevik criminal.

We have only a small amount of time to deal with him. The policies of former President Ronald Reagan must be used with Putin: "Peace Through Strength." History has proven no one has ever been attacked because they were too strong.

One last point: Russia has never won a modern war. They only helped win World War II because of our American industrial might helping them.

Ukraine needs our support.

JAMES PERA, Petaluma