Developers of a proposed drive-thru Walgreens pharmacy will present a second proposal to the Petaluma Planning Commission on Tuesday, April 22.

The proposal, which is the sole item on the commission's agenda, includes a general plan amendment, a zoning map amendment, abandonment of a public utility easement and a site plan and architectural review.

The pharmacy is proposed on a vacant parcel of land across McDowell Boulevard from the Petaluma Valley Hospital. The land is owned by the health care district and zoned for medical office space.

Browman Development and the Petaluma Health Care District first proposed the 14,500-square-foot Walgreens with a drive-thru pharmacy and 7,500-square-feet of additional commercial space to the planning commission in July, which recommended the city council reject the proposal. In September, the council showed support for the Walgreens sans the drive-thru pharmacy — the city currently has a moratorium on drive-thru establishments.

The council ultimately sent the developers back to the planning commission with instructions to change the plans, saying they would not approve any project with a drive-thru window. Health Care District CEO Ramona Faith said she hopes the commission will be receptive to the new proposal.

"I hope the council will recognize that a pharmacy pick-up window is not a fast food drive-thru," Faith said.

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