On Thursday, a Petaluma man was sentenced to four years in prison after he was found to be driving with a blood alcohol content four times the legal limit, during his fourth conviction for driving under the influence.

"My office is prosecuting drunk drivers under a grant that allows prosecutors to give proper attention to the most dangerous drivers in our community," said District Attorney Jill Ravitch in a press release. "This sentence, which is the maximum he could receive, validates the work we do to remove these dangerous drivers from our streets."

In addition to the felony charges, Ross Edward Bracken, 49, was also charged with violating his probation. Witnesses reported him to law enforcement after he pulled out of his driveway and hit and tree, before continuing down the road. Petaluma Police Officer Paul Accornero located the defendant when he saw his BMW weaving on Petaluma Boulevard North. The car had a court-ordered Ignition Interlock Device to prevent Bracken from driving while intoxicated. Police said that the device had been disabled so that it could not register Bracken's blood alcohol level before starting.

Earlier that same day, Accornero was honored by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) for his work to arrest intoxicated drivers.