A 19-year-old Petaluma woman at the center of an intensive search in the South Lake Tahoe area remained missing Friday morning as authorities prepared to resume a ground search around the Horizon Casino Resort where she was last seen.

Alyssa Byrne's father, Kevin Byrne, was up early printing new fliers to distribute as he and supporters contributed their own efforts to the search.

Byrne said he had raised commitments from local businesses, friends and his employer, the Chico FAS apparel corporation, for at least $10,000 in reward funds for information leading to his daughter's safe return and was continuing to seek contributions in hopes of increasing the reward.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department also has a $1,000 reward in play.

Byrne, 19, was attending the three-day outdoor SnowGlobe Music Festival over the weekend when she went missing in the first hour of New Year's Day.

She was last seen on the first floor of the Horizon Casino Resort in Stateline, where she and three other friends were sharing a room.

Authorities say a call or text was originated from her phone at 12:03 a.m. that morning, but the phone has been inactive since.

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