Petaluma police arrested a man for drunken driving after he argued with his wife, got behind the wheel of his truck and proceeded to spin his car wheels until the tread caught fire.

According to Petaluma Police, Enrique Reyes, 33, of Petaluma was arrested for DUI in the early hours of Dec. 18. After arguing with his wife, Reyes went out to his truck parked in front of his residence in the 200 block of Jeffrey Drive, punched and broke the windshield and then spun his tires out until the few remains of the tire tread caught fire.

Petaluma Fire units responded with a medical unit and extinguished the fire. Reyes, who was already in police custody when fire personnel arrived, was treated on scene and released into police custody. Emergency medics also treated a bystander of the incident who needed medical attention. Firefighters said the fire was small and was caused by the tire being blown out and sparks from the spinning rim causing the blaze.

Police secured an emergency protective order against Reyes and arrested him. He was booked into county jail.

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