A 15-year-old Petaluma boy suspected of accidentally shooting a truck was arrested Monday, Petaluma police said.

The boy was apparently shooting a .22 caliber rifle on July 4 at a target on a tree in the backyard and did not realize he missed the target, Petaluma Police Sgt. Marty Frye said.

The bullets shot through a wood fence and struck the pickup, which was parked on Wood Sorrel Drive, Frye said.

On July 6, a passerby noticed several bullet holes on the pickup and called police, Frye said. The person collected several bullets and gave them to an officer. A bullet had penetrated the fuel tank and caused a small leak.

Officers spoke to several neighbors and the boy's parent said he may have been responsible, Frye said. On Monday, officers confiscated the boy's rifle and arrested him on suspicion of negligent discharge of a firearm, Frye said. He was released to his parents and given a date to appear in court.

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