A Petaluma man who can't care for himself due to a brain injury went missing Monday night and remained at large Tuesday morning, police said.

Worried family members called police at 8:10 p.m. Monday to say John Wirth, 49, hadn't returned home after leaving on a bike ride, Petaluma Sgt. Ralph Evans said.

Wirth, known as "Joe," had been in a motorcycle accident several years ago and brain damage from the crash left him easily confused. He needs help with day-to-day activities, family members told officers.

He'd apparently ridden from home on his red "Pacific" bicycle.

He is 6 feet tall, about 180 pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes and has a full beard.

He was wearing a blue and red striped shirt, blue baseball cap, black pants and black shoes with green trim.

Wirth has gotten lost and wandered before, said Evans.

The sergeant asked anyone with information to contact officers at (707) 778-4372.

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