Crossroads students sound off on drug use in today's society

Students in Crossroads Junior High School had some strong opinions about drug use. Following is a few of their opinions:

Do you enjoy when people cram things down your throat? I think drugs are being promoted too often. Today all the TV, internet, celebrities, and artists are promoting narcotic use. In my opinion, some of the big drug promoters are hip-hop and rap artists. The reason they are such big promoters is because they put it in their music that is heard by millions of people around the world. Drugs are also promoted at their concerts where there are thousands of people watching and listening to the drugs being promoted. Drugs are also being promoted on TV and the internet. They are being promoted by comedians on their shows that are watched by many children and young teens. They are promoted by actors and actresses also. They get promoted on famous movies and commercials. Celebrities are some of the biggest drug promoters known to mankind. The reason they are such big drug promoters is because their acts get put on magazines around the globe. Another reason for the celebrities being big drug promoters is they go on the news. For example, when they get arrested, kids start to notice and think it's a cool thing to do. It seems to me, that every time I turn on one of my electronic devices all I see is drugs being promoted. They get promoted by many people, but mainly from who the teens hear the most like artists, TV, internet, and celebrities.

——Alex Espinosa

Why are drugs so popular around the world? Every day a person is killed by either drugs or in drug-related incidents. When will people start caring about this and put an end to the drugs? I know some people are trying to end it, but it takes everyone in our community to stop the drug dealers and the drug users. You might think America has a bad drug problem, but in places like Europe and Africa the problem is much worse. Teenagers all around the world are doing drugs from marijuana to methamphetamine. This is not the world I want to live in, where drugs are being promoted by celebrities, musicians, and even relatives. Who knows what will happen to the world if we keep going down this path? All I know is that if we do, the future will be very bleak.

—Austin Ryan

Don't drugs suck? Drugs hurt people in every aspect of life. Drugs are like little gremlins slowly eating away at your life. Whether it be how you act or how you live, drugs can hurt you, and they can make you hurt people, They can make people look down on you and can even make your family disown you. When people do drugs, it makes them different in the worst way. It makes them mean, disorientated, and rude. Drugs are so bad because they alter the way you think, usually in a negative way. For example, a guy goes to a party not on drugs and is about to drive home when his buddies ask him if he wants to do some drugs. He says yes, and still drives home thinking he is fine, rolls his car before he can make it home and gets hurt, but he lives. The drug influenced him, but he still thought he was OK, Drugs change you, hurt you. In conclusion, drugs are horrible, and we need to help get them out of the world.

—Brandon Vincak

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