There was something for everyone, at least everyone on the Petaluma side, in Tuesday night's T-Girl romp over Elsie Allen. Every Petaluma player got in on the scoring act as the T-Girls won their fifth straight Sonoma County League game without a loss.

The final score was a whole lot to not very much at all.

For Petaluma, Jenna Teagarten scored five points, Cassie Baddeley four, Claire Pareto six, Kierra Lizama six, Sophie Bihn 5, Lisa Guptill two, Katy Bisges 10, Megan Walls 2, Maddie Mehciz seven, Joelle Krist eight and Allison Scranton four. If the computer is working correctly, it should add up to 59 points.

Elsie Allen's scoring was much easier to calculate. Elizabeth Sanchez drove for a basket in the first quarter and drove again in the fourth period. Maggie Conteras netted a 3-pointer at the end of the third period. Most third graders can tell you that adds up to seven.

The Elsie Allen girls tried hard, but the game honestly pitted a very good varsity team against a team whose players are still learning the fundamentals of dribbling and passing.

To the T-Girls credit, they never let the game deteriorate into a playground contest, doing their well disciplined thing with any number of different player combinations.

From a defense that forced at least 20 Elsie Allen turnovers to a front line that dominated the paint, the game belonged to the T-Girls from tip to buzzer.

Petaluma assistant coach Janelle Lombardi said there were still lessons to be learned from the one-sided game. "It allowed us to focus more on some of the little things," she explained. "We were also able to get more playing time for all the players and playing time is always beneficial.'

Things get much tougher for the T-Girls Saturday as they travel to Sonoma to take on the Lady Dragons. Sonoma is 8-8 on the season, but has won its first three SCL games without a loss.