For the 30th year, what will be the Petaluma High School girls basketball team participated in the Sonora Team Camp, and this year the T-Girls discovered gold.

The Petaluma varsity finished with a 12-2 record to win the camp championship. The Petaluma junior varsity finished second with a 10-4 record.

Playing for the Petaluma varsity were Katy Bisges, Sophie Bihn, Allison Scranton, Ellie O'Neill, Maddie Mehciz, Lisa Guptill, Cassie Baddeley, Jenna Teagarden, Jorday Bacon and Emily Cheda.

Playing for the Petaluma junior varsity were Emily Corda, Emily DeCarli, Izzy Bisges, Jordan Marshall, Shanna DeCarli, Emily O'Keefe, Marci George, Amy Ferrick, Hannah DeVoe and Olivia Baldwin.


Petaluma 28, Lathrop 16

Petaluma 41, Yosemite 20

Petaluma 38, Bay 30

Petaluma 41, Turlock 16

Santa Clara 38, Petaluma 28

Northgate 33, Petaluma 31

Petaluma 28, King City 20

Petaluma 31, Saratoga 28

Petaluma 38, Sonora 26

Petaluma 40, Alisal 16

Petaluma 38, International 24

Tournament Scores

Petaluma 32, Santa Clara 26

Petaluma 20, Bay 16