A teen boy missing for nearly a week has been found safe in Santa Rosa Saturday.

Delano Primo Urrea, 15, ran away from his father's residence in southwest Santa Rosa on Sunday, his mother said.

A Facebook page titled "Help Find Delano Urrea" reported shortly after noon Saturday that the teen had been found in Santa Rosa. No details were immediately available.

Delano was last seen at his father's home, where he lives part time, around 3:15 Sunday afternoon, said his mother, Petaluma resident Amy Ebbesen Favia.

"We're very worried," she said Friday afternoon. "No one wants their child to go missing."

Ebbesen didn't disclose why Delano ran away but said this was not the first time it's happened.

Since Jan. 1, he's left home several times, she said. She always filed a missing person report, but Delano always returned on his own within a day, tired and hungry but unharmed and not saying where he'd been.

Delano attended junior high in Petaluma. He's now a freshman transferring to Sierra School in Santa Rosa.