The Petaluma High School music program can march to competitions around the state and beyond in style thanks to a business loaning the school a truck, freshly emblazoned with the program's logo, for transporting musical equipment. About eight years ago, Lee Fishman of Fishman Supply began loaning one of his large trucks to the music program so that they didn't have to take on the expense of renting a van when traveling to regional band competitions.

"The longer we did it, we thought, &‘wouldn't it be cool to have the band pull up in a truck with the band's logo on it?'" Fishman said.

So he paid to have the logo put on the side of the vehicle, and in early March, the band's equipment will arrive for the first time at a competition in a vehicle bearing the name of the music program.

"The kids were really excited," said Cliff Eveland, music director for Petaluma High School. "A lot of other schools have their own equipment trucks, and it always felt that those schools must have more money, prestige. Now we'll be able to roll into the competition and say, &‘that's our truck.'"