Tony Najiola, chef and owner of the farm-to-table restaurant Central Market, could not say Tuesday when his business would reopen after a two-alarm fire damaged the building he rents on Petaluma Boulevard North.

"Every day is a revelation," he said, referring to what he is learning from insurance companies and other people involved in assessing the building. "I can't say when the restaurant will open again."

The two-alarm fire, which started in the attic of the Maclay building on Aug. 29, caused minimal damage to the restaurant itself, Najiola said. The main damage was to exhaust duct work in the attic and some wood in the building, he said.

A hair salon, stationary store and gym also operate in the building. Fire officials tied the cause of the fire to the overheating of an enclosure around the restaurant's stove chimney.

Najiola said the response from community members has been "unbelievable," with many calling to say they are thinking of the restaurant and looking forward to it reopening.