A 97-year-old legally blind Petaluma woman was hit by a vehicle early Sunday as she walked in an east Petaluma crosswalk, reported police.

The sun may have hindered the driver from easily seeing Mary Friman, who was crossing East Washington Street at Ely Boulevard South, reported Petaluma Sgt. Ken Savano.

Friman suffered moderate injuries and was taken to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

Several people began calling 911 at 8:56 a.m. to report the elderly woman had been struck. Friman, who can see shapes, walks with a white and red walking stick alerting others of her lack of vision. She told officers she could see a shape coming toward her and assumed the vehicle would stop, Savano said.

Driver Jan Recob, 62, of Petaluma was uninjured but very upset, saying she hadn't seen the woman, Savano said.

Officers reported the sun's slant at that hour may have contributed to Recob missing Friman as she walked from south to north. Recob was making a left turn from Sonoma Mountain Parkway onto East Washington.

Recob had a green light permitting her left turn once traffic and pedestrians had cleared the intersection. The driver told officers she'd waited for northbound vehicles to pass and then started her turn when she hit Friman.

The collision remained under investigation.