South County is well represented on All-Redwood Empire football teams announced last week by the Press Democrat.


Casa Grande High School's Gauchos had three players chosen to the All-Empire large-school team. All three were defensive players. Picked to the first team were defensive tackle Elijah Qualls, linebacker Jake Ielmorini and defensive back Jared Roberts. All three were also key offensive players, Ielmorini and Roberts as receivers and Qualls as both fullback and offensive lineman. Roberts and Ielmorini were the keys to a Casa Grande defense that led the Gauchos to a 7-4 record and into the North Coast Section playoffs. Roberts had 75 tackles and three pass interceptions, while Ielmorini was credited with 77 tackles, two interceptions and a fumble recovery. Qualls, who has committed to play for the University of Washington next season, had 83 tackles, a huge amount for an interior lineman, and six sacks.

Casa Grande tackle leader, linebacker Jimmy Johnson, was named to the second-team defense, along with Petaluma defensive tackle Teddy Scranton.

Gaucho offensive lineman Allen Hernandez was chosen to the second-team offense. Johnson was credited with 92 tackles on the season, while Hernandez was a consistent factor all season on a Gaucho offensive line that kept changing due to injuuries. Scranton anchored both the Petaluma offensive and defensive lines, finishing with 49 tackles and three blocked kicks.

Rancho Cotate quarterback Jalon Luque was selected Offensive Player of the Year, while Cardinal Newman linebacker Scooby Wright was picked Defensive Player of the Year.

Analy's Dan Bourdon was Coach of the Year.

OFFESNIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Quarterback Jalon Luque, Rancho Cotate, senior.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Linebacker Scooby Wright, Cardinal Newman, senior.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Dan Bourdon, Analy

FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: QB: Daryl Newman, Analy, senior' RB: Kenny Carter, Cardinal Newman, senior; RB: Jahray Hayes, Santa Rosa, senior; WR: Natu Hezchias, Piner, senior; WR: Aaron Mahr, Analy, senior; TE: Mike Ruiz, Rancho Coate, senior; OL: Steven DeSouza, Rancho Cotate, senior; OL: Jacob Hicks, Analy, junior; OL: Nolan Nagle, Cardinal Newman, senior; OL: Nick Reynolds, Rancho Cotate, senior; OL: Jack Ryan, Cardinal Newman, senior.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: DL: Jonny Amendoli, Sonoma Valley, senior; DL: Al Davision, Rancho Cotate, senior; DL: Elijah Qualls, Casa Grande, senior; DL: Nolan Sheahan, Cardinal Newman, senior; LB: Chris Codding, Cardinal Newman, senior; LB: Jake Ielmorini, Casa Grande senior; LB: Fono Misi, Rancho Cotate, senior; DB: Dan Deely, Sonoma Valley, junior; DB: Julian Gonzalez, Maria Carrillo, senior; DB: Jared Roberts, Casa Grande, senior; DB: Carlos Soto, Rancho Cotate, senior; K: Rodrigo Perez, Rancho Cotate senior.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: QB: Michael Courchaine, Rancho Coate, senior; RB: Keyle Lewis, Analy senior; RB: Chad Tolson, Windsor, senior; WR: Trey Tobon, Windsor, senior; WR: Jacob Webb, Cardinal Newman, senior; TE: Austin Nahmens, Piner, senior; OL: Jake Boes, Maria Carrillo, junior; OL: Alan Hernandez, Casa Grande, senior; OL: Ryan Holden, El Molino, senior; OL: Rylind McAuliffe, Analy, senior; OL: Matthew Robinson, Sonoma Valley, junior.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: DL: Tyler Mitchell, Rancho Cotate, senior; DL: Anthony Randel, Windsor, senior; DL: Teddy Scranton, Petaluma, senior; LB: Ty Brantley,Rancho Cotate, junior; LB: Jimmy Johnson, Casa Grande, senior; LB: Dylan Mathias, Analy, senior; LB: Jared Walker, Healdsburg, junior; DB: Josh Belda, Rancho Coatde, senior; DB: Etenne Ezeff, Montgomery, junior; DB: Maurice Freeman, Analy, senior; DB: Travis Paccorini, Cardinal Newman, senior; KR: Ja'Narrick James, Analy, sophomore.


A key piece of the potent St. Vincent offense was named to the All-Empire small-school football offensive first team.

Senior Adam Yekaparast, who led the Mustangs with 55 pass recptions for 854 yards and six touchdowns, was chosen to the first team, along with devastating Tomales blocker Juan Avalos, another senior.

St. Vincent senior linebackr Michael Carroll, who led the Mustangs with 134 tackles, was named to the first-team defensive unit, as was Tomales junior Anthony Feliciano, who not only anchored the Tomales defensive front, but was also their leading ball carrier.

St. Vincent's offensive standouts, quarterback Mitch Sheppard and running back Derek Murphay, were named to the offensive second team. Sheppard broke all St. Vincent passing records, completing 166 of 283 passes for 2,547 yards and 27 touchdowns with only six interceptions. He had a quaterback rating of 111. Murphy ran for 1,178 yards, averaging 5.77 yards per carry and scoring 17 rushing touchdowns. He also caught five touchdown passes.

Tomales senior Tate Roseberry was chosen to the All-Empire second-team defense.

Fort Bragg senior running back Zach Smith was selected the Samll School Offensive Player of the Year and his teammate, nose guard Neil Dondanville, was selected Defensive Player of the Year.

OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Running back, Zach smith, Fort Bragg, senior.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Nose guard Neil Dondanville, Fort Bragg, senior.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Roy Perkins, Fort Bragg.

FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: QB: Richard Hoppe, St. Helena, senior; RB: Ward Beecher, Upper Lake, senior; RB: Kailer Collicott, Willits, senior; RB: Sebastian Sequira, St. Helena, junior; WR: Arman Yektaparast, St. Vincent senior; OL: Juan Avaolos, Tomales, senior; OL: Litto Damonte, St. Helena, junior; OL: Eric Herreon, Fort Bragg, senior; OL: Jon Karlsson, Upper Lake, senior; OL Sam White, Willits, senior.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: DL: Jacob Clark, Fort Bragg, senior; DL Anthony Felciano, Tomales, junior; DL: Joe Valdez, Upper Lake, senior; LB: Dylan Alvarado, Calistoga, junior; LB: Michael Carroll, St. Vincent, senior; Jeff Francis, Fort Bragg, senior; Luke Punzalan, Clear Lake, senior; DB : Austin Benson, Middletown, junior; DB: Danny Brink, St. Helena, senior; DB: Cody Lewis, Mendocino, senior; DB: Brandon Sutherland, Laytonville, senior; K: Tyler Drew, Middletown, senior.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: QB: Mitch Sheppard, St. Vincent, senior; Reed Carter, Mendocino, junior; RB: Brandon Douglas, Rincon Valley Christian senior; RB: Derek Murphy, St. Vincent, senior; WR: Junior Campos, Cloverdale, senior; WR: David Marsell, Clear Lake, junior; OL: Zac Cocco, Kelseyville, senior; OL: Michael Coules, Fort Bragg, senior; OL: Connor McVey,Upper Lake, senior; OL: Logan Smith, Middletown, senior.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: Echo Courtney, Mendocino, senior; Jacob Martinek, Kelseyville, senior; DL: Francisco Otero, St. Helena, senior; DL: Tate Roseberry, Tomales, senior; LB: Brad Beckwith, Middletown junior; LB: Michael Crean, St. Helena, senior; LB: Jackson Graff, St. Helena, junior; LB: Walker Hughes, Calistoga, junior; DB: Dabny Alfaro, Calistoga, junior; DB: Travis Coleman, Upper Lake, senior; DB: Jake Morris, Potter Valley, senior; KR: Dustin Woolsey, Potter Valley, senior.