Two collisions in two days on one of the most dangerous roadways in Petaluma have kept Petaluma officers busy and concerned.

The first collision occurred Monday at 3:24 p.m. when John Neville, 83, from Sonoma pulled out onto Lakeville Highway to make a left turn from the stop sign at Pine View Way in front of Melinda Gaumer, 60, from Vallejo, who was traveling east bound on the state highway. Neville's green 2004 Lincoln was struck broadside by Gaumer's red 2005 Peterbuilt dump truck. Nobody was injured.

The second collision occurred Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 2:53 p.m. when Sarah Allen, 28, from Bodega Bay was driving east bound on Lakeville Highway (SR116) heading to Kaiser Hospital for an appointment when she passed the last turn at Pine View Way to access the hospital. She made a prohibited u-turn into the path of Heidi Ouk, 36, from Elk Grove who was west bound on the state highway. Ouk veered her white 2013 Toyota Prius to the right to avoid a collision, left the roadway, and struck a fence. She narrowly missed Allen's gray 2003 Ford Focus. Both drivers and their passengers were not injured in the collision.

This intersection has been a focus for safety improvements by law enforcement and traffic engineers due to the high number of collisions, which have included fatalities. There is currently a project pending by Caltrans to improve safety at this intersection. In the meantime, officers want to remind motorists:

1. The speed limit on Lakeville Highway is not higher than 45 mph until you pass the city limits at the sewer treatment plant.

2. U-turns are prohibited on the highway.

3. When entering onto the highway from Pine View Way please yield the right of way to vehicles on the highway. It is much safer to drive to South McDowell Extension at Lakeville Highway where a traffic signal regulates left turns safely.

4. The last place to turn into Kaiser Hospital is Pine View Way. If you miss your turn, go around and come back via Browns Lane and do not make a u-turn.