The U.S. Coast Guard Training Center just outside of Petaluma saw a change of command on Friday as Capt. R. Erin Brogan retired as commander at the station and Capt. Charles E. Fosse stepped in to replace him.

Such a change of guard happens about every three years, said Fosse, who expressed excitement to be living in Petaluma with his family.

"I'm really happy to be here, I'm happy to be part of Petaluma and the broader community," he said.

Fosse arrived in Petaluma from Arlington, Va., where he had a year-long fellowship with the Homeland Securities Studies and Analysis Institute.

Fosse will likely have his hands busy as commander of the training center, where about 500 active duty and civilian members receive specialty, technical or leadership training.

"We've got 18- to 45-year-olds coming here to learn skills and knowledge to apply to their jobs," he said. "The challenge will be to support that training."

Fosse said he'd continue to support and facilitate the Coast Guard members' active involvement in the local community, which he said is almost entirely on a volunteer basis.

Fosse will likely serve as commander of the training center for about three years.