A Mustang driver tried to outrun a pursuing Sonoma County sheriff's deputy early Wednesday, reaching up to 110 mph on Stony Point Road and weaving around morning commute traffic, according to a Sonoma County sheriff's official.

The chase ended in northern Petaluma with Petaluma police arresting two men in the car at gunpoint.

Deputies early Wednesday were looking for a red car after a southern Santa Rosa resident called 911 at about 6:40 a.m. to say he'd just found two men attempting to break into his garage, said sheriff's Lt. Steve Brown.

The Sunland Avenue resident said he confronted the men and they left. He gave a description of them and their car.

At about 7:35 a.m., a deputy patrolling in the area spotted a red Ford Mustang, which was a possible match, said Brown.

The deputy attempted to pull over the driver - who instead sped down Stony Point Road.

The Mustang continued south past Rohnert Park and headed for Petaluma with one deputy in pursuit.

The deputy reported the suspect driver speeding at about 85-90 mph in multiple spots, including through the Stony Point and Roblar road intersection, said Brown.

South of that the Mustang's speed increased, reaching 110 mph, according to reports. And at times the muscle car was passing slower vehicles on the shoulder.

With the chase heading into Petaluma, officers there were asked to help.

Five Petaluma officers responded, setting up near the intersection of Stony Point Road and Petaluma Boulevard North.

They put out a spike strip, hoping to pop the car's tires and end the chase.

But the driver skirted the strip and turned into a nearby dirt lot, said Petaluma police Lt. Tim Lyons.

A Petaluma officer, using his patrol car, also went into the lot and hit the back of the suspect car, causing the driver to lose control and stop, said Lyons.

As the car stopped the officers ordered the pair out at gunpoint.

Several deputies joined the arrest and the two were taken into custody on suspicion of evading officers and attempted burglary, said Brown.

Detectives still were investigating Wednesday afternoon and further details, including their names, weren't released.