Petaluma police have arrested a Santa Rosa man suspected of a drug-deal shooting in November.

Suspect Scott Freedheim, 25, shot at Tre Davis, 20, on Nov. 14, firing from a vehicle and hitting him in the back, police said Monday.

The two were in the Orchard Supply Shopping Center that afternoon for a drug deal, Petaluma Lt. Tim Lyons said.

The investigation into the shooting also led to the arrest of four others on unrelated charges.

Two of the four were believed to have been with the victim when he was shot, Lyons said.

Davis remained hospitalized Monday.

Suspect Freedheim has been in custody since a day after the shooting. Santa Rosa police arrested him then, picking him up for outstanding arrest warrants.

There were two cars involved in the shooting and surveillance tapes and car descriptions took Petaluma detectives to a home on Cabrillo Court in town.

There they found two men they believe had been with Davis that day.

They arrested Joseph Gregori, suspected of being under the influence of drugs and being high while on drugs, Justin Bremmer, wanted on a warrant, Jerramy Bowler for warrants and suspected of possessing drugs and Jake Elliott on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs and violating probation.

Lyons said Bowler and Gregori were passengers with Davis.

Petaluma detectives arrested Freedheim while he was in the Sonoma County Jail. They added suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, being a felon with a gun, carrying a concealed gun, robbery and possessing drugs for sale and while armed to his booking sheet.

Lyons asked anyone with information to contact Detective Joel Stemmer at 778-4375.