Police arrested a Petaluma man on June 12 after he allegedly stole an expensive bicycle off the front of a Sonoma County Transit bus and later rode the stolen bike through a stop sign.

Travis Miller, 33, was stopped by an officer at about 2:45 a.m. on June 12 at the intersection of First and D streets, after he drove a blue bicycle through an intersection without yielding to a posted stop sign. Upon closer inspection, the officer realized that the bicycle had been reported stolen off the front of a Sonoma County Transit bus Tuesday. The $2,500 titanium bicycle had been replaced with a much cheaper, similarly colored bicycle during the theft.

Miller was charged with felony receiving stolen property and a misdemeanor charge of violating probation. He was arrested and booked into county jail.

The stolen bicycle was identified by the victim and is being returned.

Bicycle thefts in Petaluma have risen dramatically over the past several months. Yesterday police released a video of a similar bike theft off the front of a Golden Gate Transit bus that occurred last Tuesday. Police are still searching for the suspect involved in that incident.

The police department is asking residents to lock up their bicycles at all times and to take photographs and write down bicycle serial numbers for identification purposes.