The District 35 Little League All-Star tournaments are already at the crucial stage after the first full weekend of play.

On the 10-year-old division, both Petaluma National and Petaluma Valley won their first two games to advance to a showdown in the winners' bracket Tuesday evening at Lucchesi Park. The National defeated Sebastopol, 12-1 and Rincon Valley amrican, 5-2, while the Valley blanked Westside, 11-0 and hammered Petaluma American, 9-0, to set up the showdown. Petaluma American defeated Rincon Valley National, 12-6, before running into the Valley in the second round. Petaluma Valley plays for survival tonight against Santa Rosa American at Carter Field.

In the 11-year-old division, both Petaluma American and Petaluma National have advanced in the winners' bracket. Petaluma American will face Santa Rosa American Tuesday night on the Westside Little League diamond in Santa Rosa. The Americans stopped Sebastopol, 17-1, and then slammed Westside, 25-1. The Nationals face El Molino Tuesday night at Carter Field. The Petaluma team ripped Rincon Valley National, 21-9, after receiving a first-round bye. Petaluma Valley lost its opening game to Rincon Valley National, 15-3, and will try to survive tonight in a 5:30 game against Ukiah at Carter Field.

In the Major League Division for 12 year olds, Petaluma Valley has made it to a winner's bracket showdown Tuesday night against Rncon Valley National at Murphy Field. The Valley slugged Mark West, 18-0, in its opening game and then belted Cloverdale, 12-1, to earn advancement. Petaluma American stopped Sebastopol, 7-4, before losing to Rincon Valley National, 12-5. The American plays for survial this evening at Murphy Field against Mark West. Pealuma National beat West side, 18-2, but then lost to Santa Rosa American in a slugfest, 17-13. The Nationals face a must-win game tonight against El Molino on the Santa Rosa American League diamond in Santa Rosa.

Petaluma American and Petaluma Valley have a head-to-head battle for survival Tuesday night at the Rancho Cotate Little League field in Junior League competition. Petaluma Valley edged Petaluma American, 5-4, in its opening game, but then lost to El Molino, 8-2, before eliminating Petaluma National, 13-6. After losing to Petaluma Valley, Petaluma American bounced back to defeat Westside, 6-4. Petaluma National lost its opening game to Rincon Valley, 5-4, before its tournament run was ended by Petaluma Valley.