After stopping his car in east Petaluma late Monday afternoon to make a phone call, a Petaluma driver told police two men robbed him of his wallet and threatened him with assault, police said Tuesday.

The victim called officers Monday at about 4:40 p.m., reporting the robbery on Banff Way near Bond Park, said Petaluma Sgt. Marty Frye.

Officers searched the area but didn't find anyone matching the given descriptions.

The 40-year-old victim told officers his driver's side window was down when he stopped to make a call. Two men approached the car and demanded he give up his wallet or be assaulted, Frye said.

He gave up the wallet, which was emptied of several hundred dollars in cash, Frye said. The robbers then threw it back into the car and left.

The driver went home and called police, resulting in a 10-minute delay in alerting officers, said the sergeant.

He told officers the robbers were two black men, both about 30-40 years old.

One man had a heavy build with short black hair and wore a red T-shirt with stripes and dark jeans.

The other had a medium build and curly short hair. He wore a blue shirt with "Best Buy" on the front.

They were driving a 1990's burgundy or maroon four-door sedan with a "for sale" sign in the back window.