There's still no sign of the pie sign in Petaluma.

Someone stole a new, hand-crafted sign for the soon-to-open Petaluma Pie shop, possibly on Halloween night.

Shop owners Angelo Sacerdote and Lina Hoshino were hoping it was just a prank and someone would return it. But as of Monday, the black-on-yellow sign was still missing with no apparent clues.

Sacerdote said he suspects it may have been a drunken Halloween reveler. If someone is displaying the sign, he said maybe someone will recognize it and alert authorities.

"I'm not hopeful that it will be returned, so we're just going to get a new one, I think," Sacerdote said. "We haven't put a new one up, but when we do, it will be on a much stronger chain."

The shop, which will serve sweet and savory pies, is set for opening some time next month in the Putnam Plaza, 125 Petaluma Blvd. North.

— Lori A. Carter