After receiving complaints from neighboring businesses, residents and some disgruntled customers during the past year, undercover police officers went to five local massage parlors on Thursday and Friday to find out if they were soliciting customers for sex. The officers were solicited for sex at three of them: Pine Tree Massage, at 151 Lynch Creek Drive; Moon Light Massage, at 136 Howard Street; and at a residence on the 100 block of Second Street, said Lt. Tim Lyons.

Two Los Angeles residents were nabbed at Moon Light Massage: Mi R. Downing, 43, for residing in a house of prostitution, and Son C. Cho, 52, for solicitation of prostitution.

Arrested at Pine Tree Massage were Susan H. Song, 53, of American Canyon, for residing in a house of prostitution; Sun H. Jung, 42 of Fremont, for residing in a house of prostitution; and Myong S. Moravec, 52, of Sunnyvale, for solicitation of prostitution.

Search warrants were served at the time of the arrests to obtain additional evidence. This enabled officers to obtain detailed customer lists, phone numbers and payment information, Lyons said.

All of the suspects were arrested, booked and released on a citation to appear in court. The police department's code-enforcement officer will be following up on local ordinance violations, and will be contacting property owners, Lyons said.

"The city is experiencing an increase in massage businesses conducting illegal activity," he added. "Three years ago, the department was aware of just one business conducting prostitution, (but) today there are at least seven that the department is investigating."

— Argus-Courier