Editor: Please help us save La Cresta Ridge and Ravine.

As the centerpiece of several adjacent tracts of open land, La Cresta is arguably the most important undeveloped piece of property left in Petaluma. The current corporate owners are studying ways to develop the property.

Saving this property from development and combining it with adjacent lands will help create one of the largest and finest open spaces in Petaluma with views of the city all the way to Sonoma Mountain. It can be linked up with a trail leading to Helen Putnam Park, the surrounding neighborhoods and roads leading to downtown. Dog walkers are frequent visitors of the hilltop.

The Save La Cresta Ridge & Ravine Coalition is a group of citizens organized to lobby and raise money to purchase this property, on behalf of the City of Petaluma, for future generations to enjoy as parkland.

The Save La Cresta Coalition has secured approximately five-eighths of the target purchase price in grants and matching funds. These funds were made possible through the good graces and ongoing cooperation of the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, but there is a time limit. The coalition is attempting to close this purchase on behalf of the city in the coming months.

To do that, we need to raise funds from private donors; we have a very positive, realistic story to tell. This may be one of the few projects that every person on the previous two City Councils agrees is worthwhile.

This open space deserves your guardianship. The SLCRR Coalition is seeking new members who can contribute their effort to finish saving La Cresta. Please contact Michael Sunday at 778-2100, extension 15 for more details. Additional background can be found on www.slcrr.org. Consider getting involved.

Michael Sunday, Petaluma