A suspect in the armed robbery that occurred at a Petaluma massage parlor in mid-November has been apprehended by Oakland police following a chase, say Petaluma Police.

On Nov. 17, two men armed with semiautomatic handguns robbed Anna's Massage on Vallejo Street.

They held up four victims while they stole valuables like jewelry, wallets and watches, and then fled the scene.

Most of those valuables showed up the next day, when Oakland police found them in a stolen Mercedes that one Ismael Axtle, of Oakland, apparently wrecked as he fled police.

Police didn't apprehend Axtle when he wrecked the Mercedes, however — the man allegedly carjacked a passing motorist at gunpoint and escaped. Oakland police continued to pursue him, however, and caught him when he crashed the second vehicle as well.

They recovered from him a handgun that matched the description of the one aimed at the victims in Petaluma.

Police also found wigs and forged credit cards inside the Mercedes, according to a press release that the Petaluma Police Department issued today.

San Francisco has a $1.4 million dollar warrant out for Axtle for robbery, according to police. He's now in custody in Alameda County Jail, on charges of a stolen vehicle, carjacking, possession of a loaded firearm, vehicle pursuit and fraud charges.

Lt. Tim Lyons, of the Petaluma Police Department, said the department was alerted when officers in Oakland found the stolen property.

"We were happy to learn he was in custody and that the victims will get their property back," he said.

Lyons said Petaluma police are still investigating the robbery. Victims will need to identify the suspect and the stolen items, though some of the stolen items did have the victims' names on them.

Petaluma police will still try to identify the second suspect as well. He is described as a black male adult, feet' tall, thin build, chest-length braided hair, wearing a cream colored zip-up long-sleeve collared shirt and blue jeans.