A Mickey Hart concert was recently canceled at Lagunitas Brewing Co.'s new outdoor amphitheater when the city identified safety issues with its construction.

Fire Marshal Cary Fergus said he found that some exit pathways needed to be changed or cleared so that they could be up to fire code, among other things.

Lagunitas owner Tony Magee took the information in stride: "This whole thing started off as a landscape project and ended up getting bigger," said Magee of the grassy music venue that started as an excavated pile of dirt mounded up during an expansion project.

He acknowledged that the company hadn't gone through the proper permitting process for the amphitheater because of its spontaneous beginnings.

Now the amphitheater is being brought up to code, which requires reinforcing the concrete wall, among other things. "He's doing everything we asked him to do," said Fergus.

Magee said he wasn't planning to have outdoor concerts during the winter in the amphitheater anyway, given the outdoor nature of the facility.

Magee said the plan is to get the facility up to code and roll out a summer concert series where big-name musicians like Mickey Hart perform on Mondays and Tuesdays — their off days.

Shows will be free and tickets given away through radio stations and nonprofits, said Magee.

"It's a thank you to the community," he said.

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