Editor's Note: As their writing reflects, eighth and ninth-grade students at Crossroads School were shocked and dismayed to find out how the presidential election really works.

I think the Electoral College should go. It should go because if it doesn't there is no point in voting. I think the candidates should be elected by the popular vote. If the Electoral College disappeared, there would be lots of satisfaction for the voters. If there was no Electoral College, the election would be fair!

—Alex Espinoza

What is the Electoral College? The Electoral College is a process in which people who are well respected in politics cast your vote for president. The only thing wrong with this is they do not have to vote for the person you intended for them to vote for. For that reason the Electoral College is not fair. Does anybody know about this? Does anybody know about the president they're voting for, or are they just voting for whoever is a Democrat or Republican? I believe if we give every student in America, from sixth through 12th grade a solid political education, it could get them more involved in politics. I know it would cost more money, but it will create more jobs and more people involved in politics would help change the world. The future adults would pick a good president that would help our economy and we would never have to have a person who might not cast our votes for the person we voted for.

— Austin Ryan

Do you think the Electoral College is fair? I know I don't, because the Electoral College practically makes voting useless. You vote and the Electoral College practically throws away all the votes and they choose the new president, not the people of the United States. What I think they should do is educate everyone in the United States about who is running for president and what they plan to do with the nation. It started when the founding fathers wanted to find a fair way to elect the president of the United States. They knew the common people weren't really educated. I think it was really helpful back then, because people weren't educated. But now a lot of people are educated. but their votes don't really count. If people are not educated and don't care about who the president is, why do they have the debates on national television?

— Eric Carrero

The Electoral College means that the winner in each state takes all the votes from that state. I think we should get rid of the Electoral College because it doesn't make any sense. I think all the votes should be counted individually to show who the true winner is. The winner should be based on the popular vote. Why are we even voting if the counting is not fair? Originally, they had an Electoral College because our Founding Fathers felt that the common people were not responsible enough to choose the president of the nation. However, now people are more educated and literate, so we should get rid of the old law. We really need to educate people about voting about the issues, so that they vote responsibly. We need to make people actually care. If we got people to think their vote would actually count by getting rid of Electoral College, more people would vote. The popular vote must count.

— Jack Adams

The Electoral College is extremely pointless. If they're the ones who decide who the president is going to be, then why is there a popular vote? Why would they let people waste their time going somewhere, and filling a piece a paper that they think will matter, but won't because it will change nothing in the election. The only thing the citizens' vote will give the candidates is something to show off to the other candidates. It's just showing popularity. There are no benefits being produced from millions of people voting. So why have all these people vote? Maybe to trick people into thinking that they have a say in the election. If people are going to vote, it should at least count in the election. We don't need the Electoral College if people are going to vote. We should get rid of the Electoral College and just count up all the votes that are submitted. That way, voters have a word in this fight, instead of strangers deciding who is going to win. If they want people to go somewhere and cast their opinion, then they should put those opinions to work. It would make more sense if they made the votes worth something.

— Justin Ramirez