A rash of nighttime break-ins at local businesses over the past two months has left Petaluma police searching for whomever has been breaking glass windows or doors to gain entry and stealing the cash registers.

Petaluma businesses targeted include The Alano Club, Lumberjacks restaurant, Buffalo Wings, Irma's Beauty Salon and Very Yummy Frozen Yogurt.

Petaluma Lt. Tim Lyons said that while no arrests have been made, the department is investigating the break-ins and currently thinks they are all connected.

"We're working to try and gather more physical evidence, but right now we have no leads or witnesses since all the incidents occurred at night," said Lyons.

The most recent case, a break-in at Very Yummy Frozen Yogurt, occurred sometime Thursday evening. Store employees arrived at work at around 9:30 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 9, to find the front window broken and the cash register, unopened, lying on the ground in front of the store.

Lyons said that since Aug. 1, Petaluma police have taken 39 residential and commercial burglary calls, more than double the 15 calls they took during the same time period last year.

Police are asking that anyone with information on residential or commercial break-ins that have occurred over the last two months to call the police department at 778-4372.