A historic blizzard and a rumors of a mysterious girl appearing in a snow bank bring life to a story about teen angst and going from outcast to accepted in St. Vincent de Paul High School drama students' production of "Snow Angel" Nov. 15-19.

Written by American playwright David Lindsay-Abaire, the 1999 one-act play about a group of teens on a snow day examines the struggles and the humor in trying to fit in.

"It's sort of a &‘The Breakfast Club' meets ghost story," said drama instructor Michael Barr. "It has all these sorts of juvenile archetypes, such as the delinquent, the popular girl, the sensitive guy, the jock and the outsider girl."

"Snow Angel" takes place in a small, rural town in Vermont where the biggest blizzard of the century has just rolled in and closed down the school. Faced with several snow days, a group of students is given a writing assignment. One of the characters, an outsider named Frida, decides to create an eerie story of the ghost girl Eva.

"The students all get to talking about how they've all seen this ghostly girl around town who is dressed in old-time turn-of-the-century farm clothes," said Barr. "The play is part mystery and part comedy."

Barr said this is the most contemporary piece the students have had the opportunity to perform.

"The students haven't gotten a chance to play characters close to their own age before," said Barr. "The thing about this play is that it catches teens in honest ways. It's similar to &‘The Breakfast Club' in that it catches how they talk and interact with each other. It's well written that way."

"Snow Angel" was chosen for a fall production at SVHS because it was a story line that Barr felt students could both relate to because it deals with issues of bullying and being ostracized. The plays also gives students the opportunity to stretch themselves by playing roles opposite their personalities.

"Some of the kids are playing against the types of people they are," said Barr. "We have a kid playing the juvenile delinquent who is the nicest guy and a fantastic actor. It's been fun for him to play this not so nice character. To get into the skin of a different type of person than you are is a lot of fun, and the students are definitely having fun with it."

The cast of 16 students features Kiley Carlsen as Eva; Olivia Sikora as Frida; Morgan Larson as Jill; Haley Godbold as Tina-Louise; Chelsea Hall as Helen; Valentina Gomez as Ethel; Dale Leonheart as Betty; Edie White as Fran; John Jennings as Dan; Alexander Jacamo as Clifford; Ryan Chojnacki as Crank; Logan Marshall as Benny; Dominic Spingola as Gus; Joe Anderson as Vincent; James Carr as Arlo; and Alex Gambonini as Bonnie Billings.

Show times for "Snow Angel" are at 7 p.m. Nov. 15-16 and Nov. 18-19 in Tillman Hall on the SVHS campus, 849 Keokuk St. Tickets are $5 and available at the door.

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