The Level 4 girls from the Redwood Empire Gymnastics traveled to Oroville to compete in the North State Championships for the first time, and they made their mark against strong competition.

In the Senior H age group, Kirsty Dorn received fourth place on bars with a 9.10 and was fifth all around with a 35.675.

In the Senior E age group, Katie Luff was first place on vault with a 9.575 and first place on bars with a 9.40.

In the Senior C age group, Audrey Brostrom placed third on floor with a 9.25 and was third all around with a 36.70.

In the Senior B age group, Pippin Jardine was champion on vault with a 9.50 and placed fifth on bars with a 9.15.

In the Junior G age group, Audrey Sutton placed first on beam with a 9.125 and second on vault with a 9.50.

In the Junior F age group, Ellie Hall was the all-around champion with a 38.125 and was also first place on floor with a 9.675. Kassandra Vaca, also a Junior F, placed sixth on beam with a 8.875 and seventh all around with a 35.90.

In the Junior E, Molly Retterer was the all around champion with a 37.175 and placed first on beam with a 9.325.

In the Junior B competition, Olive Bredo received fifth place on the beam with a 9.10 and was also fifth all around with a 36.525.

August Davis, also a Junior B competitor, was third on bars with a 9.275 and was 10th all around with a 35.975.

In Junior A, Heather Mahoney was third on vault with a 9.30 and ninth all around with a 35.525.

In Child D, Haven Koehler was 10th on bars with a 8.85 and placed 13th in the all around with a 35.50.

In Child C competition, Ashlyn Parlett was the all around Champion with a 36.90 and received first place on vault with a 9.60.

The team is coached by Tara Lanatti, Maureen Koehler, Greta Leach and Marc Courtney.

The Level 4 team now begins training for the next season of competition, which begins in August.

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