An elderly Petaluma woman was hit by a car while walking along an eastside road Tuesday morning and police investigators say an icy and fogged up windshield apparently blocked the driver's visibility.

Sgt. Ken Savano reported Mary Lee, 78, was walking with two other women and two dogs at about 8 a.m. along Linnet Way when she was hit.

Lee suffered serious injuries and was taken to Petaluma Valley Hospital.

Driver Weizen Frias, 25, of Petaluma was turning from Hawk Drive onto Linnet Way and as he made the turn he hit Lee, Savano said.

The cause of the incident remained under investigation but traffic Officer Paul Accornero said the driver had indicated he was running a little late and had left his home a few blocks away with ice still on the windshield. The inside windshield also was fogged-up, the officer said.

Frias also told officers the sun had been in his eyes, Savano said.

The driver's obscured vision was a factor in the collision, said Savano.

Linnet Way is near East Washington Street toward the eastern edge of the city. Officers kept the road closed for about an hour for the investigation.

Savano said driving without a clear windshield or clear side and rear windows from ice or snow is illegal and can lead to being stopped and cited as well as leading to possible collisions.

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