It is the season when we look at the upcoming year and vow to make a fresh start, setting forth resolutions that last about as long as a pothole repair on Petaluma Boulevard.

I have a few resolutions for myself, but I also have some recommedations on new year's resolutions to help other people and organizations have a healthier and happier 2013.

Things like just one unanimous vote during the calendar year on a building project for the Petaluma City Council or at least a one-day moratorium on plowing the field that is East Washington Street.

How about SMART train officials vowing to go one full week without ticking somebody off?

But this is a sports column, so let's take a look at what some of Petaluma's sports figures and organizations might be resolving next year.

Petaluma High School might want to resolve to have the same basketball coach for at least three years.

Casa Grande might resolve to finally get a track where the Gauchos can not only have home meets but also practice without either being swallowed in a crack or having their shoes sucked off by an adobe quagmire.

St. Vincent might be inclined to resolve to have the same football league for at least two years in a row.

It will be nearly (but not totally) impossible for any Little League team to repeat the success of the Petaluma National Little League All-Star team this year, but Little Leaguers in all Petaluma leagues would do well to resolve to play with the same spirit and love for the game as the much hearlded Little League World Series participants.

They can't control the weather, but Casa Grande baseball officials could hope, as well as resolve, to finish the Adam Westcott spring-break tournament on the same week it starts.

I know everyone is pretty burned out and bummed about the outcome, but I would like to see the Measure X folks resolve to try again to get a recreation tax passed. They came close and the need is great.

I would like to see both Petaluma and Casa Grande high school administrations resolve to work with the lacrosse community to get the sport recognized as an official school sport.

I would also like to see both high school administrations resolve to try to return the Egg Bowl as a Petaluma sports season highlight.

I would like to see all high-school athletes, whether they are a freshman bench warmer or a varsity all-league player, resolve to have fun playing the sport or sports of their choice.

I sincerely hope that all of those who work so hard to make Casa Grande's Brett Callan Memorial Tournament one of the best in the Redwood Empire resolve to do it all over again next year. It takes an army to make the tournament operate almost flawlessly and we need them all back.

On a personal note, I would especially hope that Mary Brusco and Cindy Ielmorini return to feed coaches, players and an occasional starving reporter in the tournament's hospitality room.

As long as I'm getting personal at the end, I resolve a couple of things .

I resolve to enjoy every minute of every game, appreciating the dedication, enthusiasm and athleticism of the athletes regardless of the outcome or the weather conditions. I resolve not to eat another hot dog — ever.

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