Downtown Petaluma's Center Park may be short one redwood, but new fencing is now in place to better protect the remaining two 80-year-old coastal trees.

The Petaluma Rotary Club funded the addition of the split rail fence, which is now in place to deter people from walking over the redwood tree roots.

City Councilmember Teresa Barrett, who serves as liaison to the Tree Advisory Committee, said the rotary club had expressed interest in contributing to the park and wanted to do something tangible there for the community. The fencing is made out of cedar wood, while the wood from the fallen redwood will be used for a "project of worth," Barrett said.

The city has suggested in the past that the wood could be turned into a memorial or public artwork.

The northernmost redwood was removed in October, as it was dying and had thus become a hazard to downtown traffic.

Barrett said discussion of whether or not to replace the fallen redwood will take place during the next Tree Advisory Committee meeting on June 18.

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