Team Venus heats up music scene

By day, Petaluma residents Chris Vibberts and Alia Beeton manage play dates and chase around their daughters, who are each under the age of 6. By night, the two are rock stars, busy writing and recording sexy electro-pop rock in Vibberts home studio.

The two — dubbed Team Venus — have managed that balance well so far, having recorded most of the music for their debut album, "Love on a Faultline." They're poised to release the album this year, as they plan a crowdfunding campaign through website Indiegogo that will start in August.

It was with their kids at the park that Vibberts and Beeton met. A mutual friend introduced the two musicians — Beeton a dancer and vocalist, Vibberts a multi-instrumentalist who has always played in several bands at a time and plays music for films — who connected at a local park with their kids.

From then on, they started coming together weekly to write. Beeton is "fantastic with lyrics," said Vibberts, who handles the grooves.

The duo is in the process of finishing a video for their first single, "My Mr. Grey," which references themes from the popular book and upcoming movie, "50 Shades of Grey." Vibberts said he and Beeton hope to finish the video and the album by the end of the year.

With the help of Beeton's filmmaker husband, Vince Beeton, and numerous Petaluma artists, Beeton and Vibberts have filmed an elaborate narrative for the music video for "My Mr. Grey" inside the Sleep City building in Petaluma, which let the artists use the space while it was in a moving process.

The next part of the video, however, will require more camera people and help, something Vibberts said he hopes to fund with part of the $10,000 they need to raise through the Indiegogo campaign. The other half will go toward funding the completion of the album, which Vibberts and Beeton want to have mastered, mixed and duplicated.

The music, Vibberts said, is evocative — quite different in tone than his and Beeton's daily lives, as primary caregivers to their children.

"This music delivers things we all crave in today's plastic landscape: a devotion to the arts, a surrender to passion, and poetic self-analysis," the band wrote in a press release about their public launch. "Team Venus explores the intoxicating contrast between control and raw abandon — the undeniably animal urges that swell below the surface of human nature."

A Petaluma resident since 2009, Vibberts said the Petaluma community has been a supportive one for creating a band and making music. He and Beeton, a native of Petaluma, have sourced help from local artists, filmmakers, graphic designers and all kinds of friends .

"There are tons of people who used to live in the city — lots of musicians and filmmakers tired of city life," said Vibberts. "It's a little bit of San Francisco creativity in the country."

Vibberts said he hopes that with the help of the funding campaign to get the music and video component launched by the end of the year — especially to pick up on the popularity of the February release of the "50 Shades of Grey" movie, which Team Venus' song references — the band will gain enough momentum to continue creating more music.

It's difficult to put out an album that will make money these days.

"We're looking at all sorts of angles — the music industry is a funny place right now, so we have to think of other ways to put out an album," Vibberts said. "People share music for free, so albums aren't where the money comes from."

Team Venus also will continue to do live performances, of which they've done a few in Berkeley and San Francisco.

And no matter what, the two will continue to make music. Vibberts recently played at the Bottle Rock festival in Napa, and he continues to compose music for film. Beeton is a dance and music instructor.

"I have always done music and I always will do music," VIbberts said. "It's my passion, and I can't imagine doing anything else."

Hear their music at weareteamvenus.com

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