An eight-year-old boy and his friends showed up at the Petaluma Animal Shelter on Wednesday, Dec. 19 to donate $132 that they raised selling snickerdoodles, mistletoe and holly.

The boy, Cooper Hulett, had the idea after adopting a black and white cat from the animal shelter in July.

The shelter was having trouble adopting the three-year-old cat, who is now named Chance, as he has a feline immune disorder that means he must be kept inside. But upon visiting the shelter to look at cats, Cooper became immediately attached, his mom Katie Hulett said.

They went back to visit the cat over the next couple months and ultimately took a chance on adopting him.

"He's been an absolute blessing," Katie Hulett said. "Chance is like a dog. He follows Cooper everywhere, even wrestles with him."

Katie Hulett volunteers at the shelter, and so Cooper learned from her that the shelter needed money. He and his dad came up with the idea to do a fundraiser.

So last weekend, Cooper and two friends, Elliot and Roxy Gorath, stood outside Petco for three hours, selling the snickerdoodles they'd baked and the decorations they'd made.

"People couldn't have handed over donations any quicker," Hulett said. "They worked hard, and it was neat to see how easy it was to do."