Though city staff was scheduled to present the environmental report on the Rainier Avenue Highway 101 undercrossing in late October, City Manager John Brown said the presentation has been pushed to January.

Staff was unable to finish analyzing the report until recently, and Brown said future council member absences through the holidays make January the soonest presentation date.

The Rainier cross-town connector, first proposed in 1965, is designed to link east and west Petaluma by extending Rainier Avenue. Rainier currently ends at North McDowell Boulevard in east Petaluma, and would be extended underneath Highway 101, through to Petaluma Boulevard North.

The project's construction is meant to take place at the same time as the widening of Highway 101 through Petaluma, since lengthening Rainier Avenue requires first raising the highway.

The final EIR was submitted to the city in mid-September.

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