Petaluma police Tuesday arrested an Oakland woman suspected of stealing a car she’d rented with a stolen credit card.

Oakland police had contacted Petaluma to report a stolen car may have been parked Tuesday at Petaluma’s Factory Outlets mall. The vehicle, rented through an online site, was equipped with a GPS device allowing Oakland police to track it once the theft was reported, according to a Petaluma Police news release.

Petaluma officers found the car and three women. Two were released but officers detained driver Daynisha Brigamms, 27.

Brigamms was wanted on two arrest warrants in other counties involving suspected theft, police said. They took her into custody on the warrants as well as felonies of car theft and receiving a stolen car, according to Sonoma County jail records. Officers also reported finding 22 credit cards in the vehicle which they believed were evidence of credit card manufacturing.

Brigamms remained in custody Wednesday morning without bail due to the warrants.

The vehicle was towed and will be collected by the owner, police said.