Two Casa Grande High school students have made a major contribution to the Petaluma Police Department’s DARE program through their senior project.

Tony Pleinnikul and Mathew Kupes organized a Tip a Cop event at Pongo’s Kitchen. The restaurant also donated 15 percent of each bill during the promotion. Along with other donations, the two seniors raised $2,575 for the DARE program.

The DARE program is a 10-week curriculum on drug abuse resistance education. Until 2007, the DARE program was staffed full-time by police officers and the program was presented in most Petaluma elementary schools. Staffing reductions eliminated the program in 2008.

Thanks to private donations and efforts of supporters like Pleinnikul and Kubes, the program has returned to some schools with officers working on their days off to teach classes.

Recently, 20 students at St. Vincent Elementary School graduated from the program taught by officer Matthew Frick.

For more details about the DARE program or to make a donation, contact Petaluma Police Sgt. Marty Frye at 778-4439.