The Rotary Club of Petaluma Valley completed the construction of an outdoor reading area at Loma Vista Immersion Elementary Academy Charter School last weekend.

The project was funded by the Rotary Club and a grant from Rotary International.

In the spirit of helping others, the club purchased seven redwood benches from the Sonoma County Probation Camp. The probation camp is the largest manufacturer of parks products in California, including con-heart redwood picnic tables and benches.

Boys committed to the program range in age from 16-18 years old. The primary goal is the individual development of basic personal, social, academic and vocational skills necessary to survive in modern society, as well as to thrive as responsible and productive adults.

“This was a bonus,” said Rotarian Jim O’Grady. “We were not only able to build a beautiful outdoor area to encourage students to read, but also to support the Sonoma County Probation Camp which provides positive opportunities for the young men committed to the program.”

Monies raised for this and the many other local projects provided by the Rotary Club of Petaluma Valley, come from the Petaluma River Craft Beer Festival, an annual celebration held each September on Water Street.

Jorge Arvizu, Loma Vista principal, said that working with the Rotary Club, “Has been a joy. They looked to us to see what was needed, and how we wanted the area for the students to look and function, then fulfilled their promise to build in this beautiful spot. I am so grateful.”