Letters to the editor from the week of July 31

Written defense of morals

EDITOR: The guest commentary by Joy Metten (“Cheating, religion and the morals of American children,” July 10) published in the Argus-Courier is probably the best defense of morals I have ever read. It should be passed on to other news services.

It is simple, easy to read, yet strong. It delivers a message to the weakest of our kind, and to the most powerful in politics, finance and law.

Terence Garvey, Petaluma

Military banners aren’t clutter

EDITOR: I want to say how sad Don Bennett’s guest commentary was about the military banners (“Banners and city sign laws,” July 3).

My son’s banner hangs in Rohnert Park on Expressway, I am so proud every time I drive by it.

I look at all of the banners hanging in our town and it makes me so proud to know our city cares about our military. They are fighting for our freedom, they fight to allow people to have free speech and enjoy life.

I have to wonder how Mr. Bennett would feel if his son, daughter or grandchild wanted to join the military. Would he support them? Would he disown them? Those beautiful banners are not clutter, they are pictures of our children — children who risk their lives, children who may not come home again.

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