Letters to the editor from the week of July 31

Written defense of morals

EDITOR: The guest commentary by Joy Metten (“Cheating, religion and the morals of American children,” July 10) published in the Argus-Courier is probably the best defense of morals I have ever read. It should be passed on to other news services.

It is simple, easy to read, yet strong. It delivers a message to the weakest of our kind, and to the most powerful in politics, finance and law.

Terence Garvey, Petaluma

Military banners aren’t clutter

EDITOR: I want to say how sad Don Bennett’s guest commentary was about the military banners (“Banners and city sign laws,” July 3).

My son’s banner hangs in Rohnert Park on Expressway, I am so proud every time I drive by it.

I look at all of the banners hanging in our town and it makes me so proud to know our city cares about our military. They are fighting for our freedom, they fight to allow people to have free speech and enjoy life.

I have to wonder how Mr. Bennett would feel if his son, daughter or grandchild wanted to join the military. Would he support them? Would he disown them? Those beautiful banners are not clutter, they are pictures of our children — children who risk their lives, children who may not come home again.

We need to honor them and if Petaluma can look into their hearts, they would see this is not about advertising, it is about supporting our military sons, daughters, husbands and wives.

Ellen Robertson, Rohnert Park

Not a fan of SMART

EDITOR: The Sonoma County grand jury has merely scratched the surface of the problems the SMART train is having and those most effected financially will be the taxpayers and residents of Sonoma.

This train was passed by the voters of Sonoma County and rejected by the voters of Marin, yet, the entire train will run the entire length of Marin, or 37 miles, while the train will only go as far north as Santa Rosa in Sonoma County.

But the grand jury has overlooked certain financial aspects of this train. The train will go to the Larkspur ferry terminal in Marin at a cost to the taxpayers of $770,000,000. Supervisor Susan Adams of Marin County told me in an email that upon completion, the train will only serve 400 passengers a day. Imagine that, 400 people for $770,000,000.

The grand jury rightly pointed out that SMART’s board failed to advise the “people” of the “complicated funding;” but never advised the people that so few will use it, causing a financial disaster for both Marin and mostly Sonoma counties.

The people of Marin should be very concerned and upset, but the taxpayers of Sonoma are the ones really holding the short straw.

There is no project presently on the drawing board in Marin or Sonoma to elevate the traffic in the morning and evening from Petaluma to Novato. You’ve been in that mess, crawling along. There is no plan in place to widen Highway 101 from Washington Street in Petaluma to the dump in Marin.

Ask your representative why they support a train for $770,000,00 that will carry only 400 people while thousands of car commuters from Sonoma are at a stand-still each day.

Only the people can stop this waste of taxpayers money. Only the people can insist that this money be use to widen Highway 101 into Sonoma. Arise, citizens of Sonoma County, you have nothing to save by your tax money and your time spent in traffic.

Robert A. Casper, Sr., San Rafael