The majority of respondents in an online Argus-Courier poll said that Petaluma should not seek so-called sanctuary status. The city, along with a growing number of other jurisdictions, is considering a resolution that would detail the level of local cooperation with federal immigration officials, in light of changing policy on immigration.

Here are some comments:

“Absolutely not. Illegal aliens are criminals breaking our immigration laws, have no respect for the legal immigration process, and do not deserve any sanctuary. Our politicians and law enforcement need to show some backbone, do what is right, and fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.”

“Absolutely yes. We are a perfect example of a community and local economy that depends on immigrant labor and always has. It’s bad enough that many recent immigrant dairy and farm workers live unseen among us in the often sub-standard housing owned and operated by dairy and farm operators, if we don’t welcome these immigrants fully into our community as they settle here and protect their rights as new Americans, we are doing a profound disservice to them and to the deepest enduring American values.”

“Becoming a good citizen begins with following our country’s laws. That starts before you arrive not afterward.”

“I’m sick of this entire situation. Petaluma needs to stay out of this stupid idea, we have enough problems to worry about.”

“I have no issue with people who immigrate here and go through the process. I do take issue with those that are here illegally. We should not be encouraging illegal immigration.”

“Local police cannot do their job effectively if all Petalumans do not feel safe working with them.”

“ Sheltering illegals is just that, illegal. And it’s a slap in the face to the immigrants who followed the rules, waited in line, and worked hard to become citizens.”

“I think such status can be handled at the state level.”

“We can’t take care of our own homeless population let alone more people who need resources we don’t have.”