Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll were almost evenly split on the question of whether Petaluma officials should do more to create affordable housing in the city. Several downtown businesses have petitioned city leaders to do more on the housing crisis, saying they are having difficulty hiring local workers because of the cost of housing.

Here are some comments:

“Absolutely not. The more affordable/low-income housing, the higher the crime rate. We do not need to continue catering to those that cannot afford to live here. The rest of us work hard enough to buy homes in the area and afford the cost of living, so I see no reason why anyone else cannot do the same.”

“Allow building without excessive fees and let the market decide. No more stack and pack low income apartments that become magnets for crime.”

“Bring the jobs first or at least do it in conjunction with affordable housing. Both go together.”

“Fill in all of the empty lots around town, affordable or not. Petaluma needs more housing.”

“If encouragement means waiving excess development fees for modest homes and apartments, then sure. I also don’t want to over-extend our ability to support new residents with water, sewer and roads.”

“Move north if you can’t afford it here. That’s what the Marin people are doing now.”

“Petaluma officials should do more to create jobs in which people can make a living that lets them afford housing.”

“This isn’t just about low income families. Average families are now priced out of Petaluma.”

“How about reducing the fees for low-income housing developers?”