Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll had mixed feelings about a proposed downtown Petaluma residential and commercial development near the SMART station. A slight majority said they did not favor the proposed project at Weller Street and East Washington Street.

Here are some comments:

“As long as it brings money and good people to the community than I am for it. If not, push them to Windsor.”

“As long as the design fits into Petaluma and doesn’t look anything like the proposed design of that boutique hotel proposed down town. As long as it isn’t taller than the other buildings in town.”

“ I am so tired of out of town developers making money on building crappy projects in this town and then taking their money and running. Out of town developers are not invested in our community and want maximum profit lining their pockets.”

“I’d be willing to bet not a single resident will use the train.”

“It needs to be a well-thought out community addition, with quality construction. No slapdash work.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to make a valuable addition to central Petaluma. I hope that city planners and developers can work together to make it attractive and pedestrian friendly with as much affordable housing as possible.”

“We’re against this, and any other projects that are destroying the “small town” feeling that once made Petaluma such a great place to live. This and future development projects should be stopped.”

“Yes, if it is architecturally in sync with downtown. I’ve hated the proposed designs I’ve seen for modern looking hotels near downtown.”

“Too much traffic already in that area.”