Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll overwhelmingly said that widening Highway 101 should be the top priority for transportation officials over widening and raising Highway 37. Both highway projects face funding challenges.

Here are some comments:

“Highway 37 is a disaster. I am thankful I do not sit in that mess of traffic each day, but feel for those who do.”

“Highway 101 has the most traffic, that should take precedence.”

“Highway 101 is the obvious choice because it’s all done except that one little section. Finish one project before starting a new one.”

“As a daily commuter to and from San Francisco, the highest priority should be to widen Highway 101. It’s ridiculous how traffic has to funnel down from four to three, then two lanes. Even though I use public transit a majority of the time, I’m sick of being stuck in the pattern of stop-and-go traffic from Novato north every night. This wasted time adds up each week, and is lost time that could be spent with family and activities.”

“As Highway 101 is the only direct north-south route in the Bay Area, I believe it should take precedence. Let’s finish one job at a time and not spread our limited resources too thin as we are doing with the SMART train to nowhere.”

“Fix 101 first and then go to work on 37. We pay our taxes for roads, and were does the money go? MTC is building toll roads around the Bay Area, and now a private company wants to add Hwy. 37 repairs or improvements and add a toll.”

“Highway 37 is the logical choice, with the start of the SMART train this spring Highway 101 should be much less traveled.”

“Hwy. 37 will always flood, it’s a flood plain, more and more people are moving here, so that means more and more traffic on 101 and other roads. We need the SMART train to take people off the roads and help alleviate part of the issue.”

“Highway 101 has become a parking lot, strangling business and trashing the quality of life for commuters. Fix it first, please.”