Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that Petaluma should not cut the level it funds the Boys and Girls Club. The city is considering a reduction of Boys and Girls Club funding in its upcoming budget.

Here are some comments:

“Break the employee contracts and eliminate benefits. Don’t go after the kids.”

“Some consolidation and community support is what is really needed. Perhaps contracting it out to an entity like Mentor Me if they’re willing.”

“The city should cut the $150,000 art project for Water street first. Children need this after school program. Where are the priorities?”

“We cannot afford to subsidize this type of after school care. Put this on the state. They already pay for some through the schools.”

“They should get their own donations. Let them stand on their own feet.”

“Kids are our future. If the city is tight on funds, take the money away from COTS.”

“I’d rather pay for Boys & Girls Club than COTS.”

“This is the result of years of poor financial management by the city of Petaluma.”

“David Glass, where’s your ‘we do more with less’ on this issue?”

“The Boys and Girls Club saves the city money in the long run by keeping kids active in a positive way.”

“The city should just focus on core services, what taxpayers are paying for. Let nonprofits find their own funding. That’s the way it should be.”