Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that they are not in favor of a narrowing project on Petaluma Boulevard South called a road diet. The city recently received funding for the project.

Here are some comments:

“Absolutely not. This is a waste of time and money that should be used to fix our streets. The rumored real reason for road diets is to slow cars down enough so drivers can look at the stores they are passing so they will be tempteed to stop and shop. That is a fantasy. The truth is that road diets frustrate drivers so much they avoid those streets and clog others to bypass them.”

“Anything to contain the thoroughfare feeling of downtown. We need safety in slower, measured traffic.”

“It is the best traffic calming method for keeping traffic flowing safely. Other methods such as 4-way stop signs, traffic lights cause delays, congestion and more time for everyone.”

“According to a member of the traffic advisory committee, road diets have a calming affect on motorists. Crawling bumper to bumper traffic is so soothing. The residential side streets will be more dangerous than they are already. ”

“Generally I am in favor of road diets and roundabouts, but this one make no sense. Traffic calming downtown has been successful, but the south Boulevard needs to accommodate both residents and traffic headed for the freeway. Eliminating a lane so traffic can only move at the speed of the slowest vehicle will create massive jams.”

“These ‘road diets’ cause traffic back-ups. Several times I’ve missed signal cycles attempting to make a left-hand turn from East Washington onto Petaluma Boulevard due to traffic gridlock on the Boulevard.”

“No more choking off auto traffic to the detriment of the public.”

“Petaluma’s population is growing and will continue to over the years. Traffic has gotten progressively worse by the day. Downsizing our already congested roads will be nothing short of a nightmare.”

“Self-driving cars are coming en masse and road planning should reflect that.”

“The city already screwed up Petaluma Blvd North with the road diet.”

“The road diets in Petaluma are the main reason I avoid going downtown anymore.”