A slight majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that Petaluma should build a new parking garage to solve downtown parking problems.

Here are some comments:

“At present it’s not necessary, but if we’re awash with money, it should be spent on retrofitting the city buildings that don’t meet their own safety ordinances like the museum and fire station, or perhaps even the roads that are destroying our cars.”

“The city needs to seriously consider parking meters.”

“I’d like to see the City of Petaluma work with business owners who have large parking lots that are under utilized to provide them with liability insurance so we can have more shared parking.”

“I wish I had an alternative suggestion. Unfortunately the road diet is what really screwed everything up and I don’t see that changing now. ”

“I would like the huge cost of a garage spent on improving access to the area by foot and bike. I walk all the time but crossing East Washington Street is a challenge. ”

“Let’s not make Petaluma another San Rafael.”

“No, the Keller Street garage is such a hell hole now, I never park there anymore. Adding another garage will just be a magnet for more crime and trash unless the city can get it under control. Besides, where would they put it?”

“There will be continued need for more parking. SMART will create demand for parking. Also as the City continues to require retail on ground level of new buildings, those business will need parking for employees and customers. Build another parking lot, somewhere closer. to SMART and the new growth near the train station.”

“To keep people shopping and visiting downtown, there has to be more parking. It’s nice to encourage biking and walking, but you will never force Californians out of their cars, so they should be accommodated.”

“Yes, we should have the SMART train build one behind the station and run a shuttle bus through downtown.”